Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Evaluation Question 2

How do the elements of your production work together to create a sense of "branding"? 

In order to answer this question, I created a PowerPoint. I uploaded it to Slide-share so that i could embed it into this blog post. 

Evaluation question 2 from Bronwen Vaughan
This is an 'advert' that I created to promote the digipak. This advert would appear in magazines, on social media and on posters. Advertisement is a key factor in attracting an audience. This advert also helps really cement the distinctive branding of the band and new album and helps all elements such as digipak, website and social media to further tie together.

This video is of me acting as someone working for a magazine who has created this advert for the magazine. I talk a little bit more about branding. 

Here is the script I wrote for the video, which i added some images to, which will hopefully help to explain the points made. 



  1. a very brief response - and the formatting has been messed up by scribd
    see emailed suggestions for quick creative approaches

  2. This is v short anyway (from what actually shows through scribd); can you make it more detailed +/or do a simple vid as if you were the creative agency talking through the brief they were given?


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