Thursday, 16 June 2016

MVidEG 2: The 1975,The Sound

I will be analysing the music video for 'The Sound' By the 1975. I think that this is a very important music video as it has a really important message and I really like the aesthetic of the video. 

There are no real relationships between the lyrics and visuals. This is because the song lyrics are about a relationship, and as you discover later on in the video, It is actually about hate comments and society's image of the band.


Allthough the 1975 has aspects of Electro-Pop, Pop, Pop Rock and Indie Rock, this video is a very 'Pop' inspired video, as arguably this is their most pop sounding song. This is connoted through the uses of bright pink colours, along with black and white.

There is studio performance in this video, but also a concept idea.


There is performance featured in this music video. There is a lot of camera angels and shot variety. There is also a lot of camera movement during performances which works well with the upbeat tempo of the song. Verisimilitude is achieved as the instruments and mic stand have cables attached to them. Also the lip syncing is very convincing. 


Direct mode of address is used as the lead singer looks directly into the camera while singing. This establishes a bond between him and the audience and builds a personal relationship. It also helps the message of the song have more of an impact.


The audience are present in the video, through real comments found on the bands YouTube channel. These comments appear in white writing on a pink background. However, these quotes are actually hate comments. 


The representation is this music video, for me, is very important. The lead singer is wearing dark purple eyeshadow and black eyeliner, along with nail polish. This is because he is very passionate about breaking down gender stereotypes, and challenging the ideas that have become normative in today's society.  

The location and mise-en-scene of this video are incredibly striking and really stand out. First of all, neon lights and a rectangular box are symbols of the band and are instantly recognisable as the band's aesthetic. The band are trapped inside a large clear box. my understanding is that this box is the restrictive views of society and the lack of freedom to be creative. There are also 'spectators' outside of the box, sitting in a line, all wear very plain white outfits. I believe that this is to represents critics and perhaps the media who's views are all very uniform and frown upon diversity and creativity. 
I really like the message of this video as, by the end, the band are outside the box, and the spectators are trapped inside it. I think that the message to that is that by being creative and different and themselves, have more freedom than the spectators. 

MVid EG 1: Pixies: Bagboy

Today, I analysed the music video for 'Bagboy' by Pixies.

We had difficulty in finding a direct connection or link between the lyrics and visuals. The music video is based on a concept rather than performance: The band is never shown. There isn't any literal representation of words.


The broad genre of this song would be Alternative Rock/Indie. This genre rejects mainstream culture. The lyrics of Alt. Rock song often tend to address topics of social concern, such as drug use, depression, suicide, and environmentalism. Through using a handheld camera for filming this, they would have saved a lot of money on equipment as opting for handheld is cheaper. This is something very common within the Indie genre. young protagonist, smoke, new, young audience, not off putting for older audience. important to keep refreshing the audience. unglamorous protagonist= not about glamour, wouldn't fit with the brand, character is more relatable. glasses/spots, working class, hair/clothing.      
I did not pick up on any intertextuality in this music video, perhaps because i do not belong to their primary target audience.
I would consider this video to be a combination of narrative and concept, perhaps more of a focus on narrative.
PERFORMANCE STYLE: There is no performance in this video. 

LINEAR, CLOSED NARRATIVE?: There is a linear narrative.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Bronwen and I have just began my A2 Media Studies course. I have completed both AS and Gcse Media Studies.

Our task this year is to create a promotional package for an album, including a music video, website and digipak.

Me and Sophie are going to be working in a group throughout this year as we decided that we worked well together in AS

Throughout my time studying this subject I have acknowledged both my strengths and weaknesses:

  • I have found that I am most confident working on mise-en-scene (costume/design etc.) and storyboarding/planning shoots (e.g. Call sheets)
  • I know that I need to improve my blogging, especially in terms of post layout, and also directing, especially on a shoot.
I hope to complete this year of A2 feeling as though I have improved on my weaknesses within the subject.

My hopes for A2
  • Complete the package feeling happy with what I have created and achieved
  • Spend more time planning and researching into genre/audience.
Key lessons to take from AS:
  • Start earlier: planning, audience and genre research, location scouting, evaluation questions.
  • Keep blog organized: keep up to date with the links list and labels/ post frequently with updates of work.
  • Location Scouting: go to as many relevant locations as possible and collect test footage.
  • Technology: use a wider range of technology/equipment, e.g. go-pro.