Thursday, 16 June 2016

MVid EG 1: Pixies: Bagboy

Today, I analysed the music video for 'Bagboy' by Pixies.

We had difficulty in finding a direct connection or link between the lyrics and visuals. The music video is based on a concept rather than performance: The band is never shown. There isn't any literal representation of words.


The broad genre of this song would be Alternative Rock/Indie. This genre rejects mainstream culture. The lyrics of Alt. Rock song often tend to address topics of social concern, such as drug use, depression, suicide, and environmentalism. Through using a handheld camera for filming this, they would have saved a lot of money on equipment as opting for handheld is cheaper. This is something very common within the Indie genre. young protagonist, smoke, new, young audience, not off putting for older audience. important to keep refreshing the audience. unglamorous protagonist= not about glamour, wouldn't fit with the brand, character is more relatable. glasses/spots, working class, hair/clothing.      
I did not pick up on any intertextuality in this music video, perhaps because i do not belong to their primary target audience.
I would consider this video to be a combination of narrative and concept, perhaps more of a focus on narrative.
PERFORMANCE STYLE: There is no performance in this video. 

LINEAR, CLOSED NARRATIVE?: There is a linear narrative.

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