Friday, 10 June 2016

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Bronwen and I have just began my A2 Media Studies course. I have completed both AS and Gcse Media Studies.

Our task this year is to create a promotional package for an album, including a music video, website and digipak.

Me and Sophie are going to be working in a group throughout this year as we decided that we worked well together in AS

Throughout my time studying this subject I have acknowledged both my strengths and weaknesses:

  • I have found that I am most confident working on mise-en-scene (costume/design etc.) and storyboarding/planning shoots (e.g. Call sheets)
  • I know that I need to improve my blogging, especially in terms of post layout, and also directing, especially on a shoot.
I hope to complete this year of A2 feeling as though I have improved on my weaknesses within the subject.

My hopes for A2
  • Complete the package feeling happy with what I have created and achieved
  • Spend more time planning and researching into genre/audience.
Key lessons to take from AS:
  • Start earlier: planning, audience and genre research, location scouting, evaluation questions.
  • Keep blog organized: keep up to date with the links list and labels/ post frequently with updates of work.
  • Location Scouting: go to as many relevant locations as possible and collect test footage.
  • Technology: use a wider range of technology/equipment, e.g. go-pro.


  1. Lesson 5: Publish posts; if its still underway add TBC to the very top of the post and delete it when done. You should have blogged on Pixies vid and more

  2. I hear you might be looking at girlband vids, so here are some contrasting girlband student examples to look at:
    Girls Aloud:
    Destiny's Child:
    Atomic Kitten:

  3. Need to see your video analyses on here!!!


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