Monday, 17 October 2016

MISE-EN-SCENE 1: Performance Costume

I will be discussing our costume choices for the band during our performance shoot. 
I have added photos of Bring Me The Horizon and the outfits that they wear to perform and just in general. 

They generally wear:

-Black, Grey and white clothes

-Distressed or ripped clothes and jeans

-Black hoodies or jumpers

-Black or grey skinny jeans

Their hair is always styled down and sometimes over their eyes.  

As you can see from this photo of our band, they are all wearing very neutral clothes with dark coloured skinny jeans.  
From our first shoot (when our song choice was 'Follow you' we also had a band member wearing a band t-shirt which is something else that BMTH often do. (see the photo of the guy with a metallic shirt holding a guitar)

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