Friday, 14 October 2016

Metalcore Branding on Social Media

I went on to YouTube and Facebook and selected some bands similar to/ with the same genre as Bring Me The Horizon, taking screenshots. This will help us get an idea/inspiration for our own branding. 


Facebook Page:

The YouTube Banner:
I think that the YouTube banner for Sleeping With Sirens is incredibly effective. The concert location means that fans and viewers will feel involved and be able to relate to the image, if they have previously attended a concert. The black and white filter also helps to enhance this, as it gives a nostalgic feeling. This is an effective means of marketing as it uses audience involvement. 
The Facebook page for Sleeping With Sirens is effective as the name of the band is bold and clear in a bright yellow colour. This means that the audience/viewers will associate that font and colour with the band. 
However, for our own marketing, I think it would be more effective to stick to a darker, more monochrome colour scheme as the mood of our image and video is quite dark. It would be more effective if we stuck to the same colour scheme across our website, merchandise, and social media, as this will help fans to instantly recognise anything related to the band, as well as associating the colours we pick to the band.


Facebook Page, followed by Youtube banner:

I think that this is very effective as there is a clear theme and sense of branding throughout. they are very clear that they are promoting their new album and all their social media is dedicated to it. I think that this really makes the album artwork instantly recognisable, especially for when it comes out in stores and fans will see it and recognise it straight away.

Again, You Me At Six's social media is very dedicated to their new album. I really like the colour schemes they have used and I think it fits really well with the genre of music. 

I really like the social media branding for bring me the horizon as it both promotes their album, as well as having pictures of them to keep it a bit more personal and gives the fans the ability to feel closer to the band members. The black and white colour scheme is extremly effective here and something i think we should replicate on our social media and website. 

 To Summarise:  
I have found, through this research that Metalcore brands stick to a fairly neutral colour scheme with black and white as their base colours. 
Also, the bands tend to update their social media in order to promote new music.

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