Wednesday, 8 February 2017


In this take of our rough cut, the cables from the microphone, guitars and keyboard are all plugged in to the amps. This is done to achieve verisimilitude and to present a convincing performance. Achieving verisimilitude is very important especially to rock/ metal bands as they want to prove their authenticity.
The guitar on the left is covered in stickers which has connotations of music, as many of them are band stickers. This signifies that the band are authentic and play their own instruments as it looks 'used'.

At 0.28 in our rough cut, we have this shot of the lead singer. The forest background has connotations of darkness and mystery which echo the genre and feeling of the song they are performing. In film and TV, especially in the horror genre, forests are depicted as scary and daunting. However, we have slightly challenged this convention by filming during the day, in the sun. We did this as typical, darker music and videos are typically more popular among men and we wanted to also appeal to a female audience.
The cross on the lead singer's neck, while creating verisimilitude and a convincing rock band member, also signifies religion, faith and love. This is also a simple design which many of their fans could re-create in fan-art or draw on themselves, helping them to feel involved and connected to the artist.

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