Wednesday, 1 February 2017

KO: TECHNOLOGY: Green Screen

On the 31st of January I and a bunch of other media students both A-Level and GCSE where lucky enough to be able to visit a Green Screen room in the north of Luxembourg, The facilities contained 2 rooms with green screen. 1 room had a 2 walls of green screen as well as the floor while the other room was just one wall of green screen. This was a great experience as we got to learn more about what it feels like to be in a study with big lights and professional equipment. It was very popular among students many saying it was a good experience. One student commented "Originally I didn't think I would need it but now I see it could really help my media coursework grade".

There where some complications along the way but everyone got to film what they needed and even though every one might not use it it there project it was good just for the experience and gave students a clearer idea of what goes into a film project.

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