Wednesday, 1 March 2017


To start with I came up with some ideas for 3 different versions of the digipack. I was pretty unhappy with these as I found that they are too busy and I wanted to stick with a more minimal vibe, which would be in keeping with the image that Bring Me The Horizon have at the moment. I think that the black and white one worked well, so when I start to create other drafts of the digipak, I will keep to this neutral colour scheme.

These are just some initial ideas, as I wanted to start experimenting with colour schemes, editing and the layout of digipaks. I also need to do some more research about the placement of details such as barcodes and other stickers. As I had not yet done any research for the spine, I decided to leave that out for now, and return to it when I had sufficient research to support me.

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