Thursday, 9 March 2017

DIGIPAK: Back Cover

After having looked at this example by the band Muse, I decided to try and create something similar. I liked the blurry, black and white look of this picture. Inspired by this, I decided to layer a photo of the band over an image of Luxembourg city. I think that this will give a nostalgic feel to the album, which fits well as it is a compilation album and there are some old songs on it. Have their hometown in the background will give connotations of home and safety which the audience could relate to, especially If they come from the same city.
Here is the final digipak back cover draft 1. I quite like the way this turned out and I think that it is quite similar to the Muse one.
However, when comparing it to the front cover I did, it really takes away from the simplicity of that. Therefore, I will create a second draft and take a more simplistic approach.

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